The Fall Box Reveal!


Our Konenkii FallBox has everything you need and then some to enjoy a tailgating adventure.  Whether it’s at an actual game or in the comfort of your own home…
You define the place – we’ll supply the party.

1. Silicone Wine (or any Beverage) Cups

You’ve heard of pop-up shops-now you’ve got a pop-up party!  Have silicone glasses-will travel.  You can fill ‘emup with hot or cold beverages and never have to worry—they’re as Unbreakable as Kimmy Schmidt!
Take them to the game, to the park or even into the tub.
Dishwasher safe. :)

2. I See You Made an Effort: Compliments, Indignities, and Survival Stories from the Edge of 50 by Annabelle Gurwitch

New York Times Bestseller—Finalist for the Thurber Prize for Humor Writing 2015—PLUS the host for the popular long-running TBS show "Dinner and a Movie" Annabelle Gurwitch knows how to work a crowd!  Whether you’re on the brink or over the edge of the big 5-0 you’ll definitely find Annabelle’s perspective a hoot!  Her stand-up comedy chops deliver a bite as she details the daily indignities of aging.  With her unique celebrity sprinkled experiences—fired by Woody Allen and given a bit part by Seinfeld, she gives us something to smile, nay laugh-out-loud about!  If there’s a lull in the game you can sneak in a few chapters or share a few stories with your company.

3.  Fastachi Chocolate Nut Mix
It’s not only the squirrels gathering nuts this fall.  We’ve found the most delightful mix of health and wealth. Hand-picked, hand-roasted in the perfect combination of sweet, salty, tart and (here’s where the wealth comes in) rich, rich, rich Belgian chocolate. 

4.  Honest Hazel Eye Gels
Are your dark circles in competition with that black stuff those football players wear…and winning? Fear not!  Your under-eye woes are about to brighten.  Be prepared to be the star in your own fantasy league.  Seeing is believing.

5.  Five Ounce Round Flask

Here’s a little hip action that never goes out of style or favor.  We’re not going to tell you what to fill it with but if it happens to rhyme with Mack Spaniels or Bonnie Stalker you’ll be in good company!

6.  Pumpkin Spice Soap
The smell of victory was never this sweet!  Turns out spiced pumpkin isn’t just for the kitchen anymore.  If you’re tailgating in the tub be sure to bring this along.  

7.  Konenkii’s Fearless Recipes 
Something hot, something cold, something sweet, something bold!  Those new silicone glasses are about to get a work out and the flask just might too!
Heat it.  Chill it.  Drink it.  Enjoy!


8.  Konenkii Credit Card Holder
Back by popular demand! Our subscribers found this stick-on mobile phone credit card holder from the Summer Box such a treat, that we created these new red ones just for you!


9.  Mini rubber duckie
This little lady is a fun addition to your tub time -- quack quack!

10. Headband
To keep our silicone wine cups together we used this sparkly headband - now you can use it to keep your hair back in the tub while reading Annabelle's book, sipping your wine, and munching on that chocolate nut mix!