Winter Box REVEAL: Fashion, form, and fun reign supreme

Konenkii Winter Box Reveal

White Pashmina – Soft as a whisper, warm as a hug – White is the new bright. This winter’s go-to-color! And that’s a wrap!

Konenkii Pashmina Scarf

You can send this scarf to the dry cleaner, but feel free to hand wash it, using some mild soap (even shampoo!) and dry flat.  A little touch of an iron and its ready-to-go!  Check out our Winter White Pinterest board for ideas on how to tie this scarf and combine white into your winter wardrobe.


White Silicone Watch – Sleek, smooth and sexy this watch will give you more than the time of day. It’s a statement piece that says – I’m a grown up. I’m classy. I can tell time- hands-free!

If it gets a bit dirty, try mild soap and water.  Use a clean white eraser to remove dirt and smudges. No worries!


Journal and Lighted Tip Pen – It’s that time of year when we feel the need to assess, adjust and get on with it. Feel free to jot down your innermost thoughts or your grocery list. Only you know what’s inside. And if those ideas happen in the middle of the night or the middle of a movie – No worries – this pen lightens things up.

Konenkii Journal.png
Konenkii Pen.png

Lake Champlain Organic Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate – Trust us – it’s love at first bite. All natural dark chocolate filled with scrumptious salted caramel from the banks of the eponymous Lake Champlain.


PaperWhite and Votive Holder —Just when you think winter will never end — this heavenly smelling paperwhite will bloom and keep that gloom at bay.  Simply add water, set in a sunny window and watch it grow.  Reuse the votive with a candle.

This beautiful paperwhite will bloom with nothing more than water and stones. First, dispose of the straw.  Add water until just below the base of the bulb. Those little roots need to anchor, so put the bulb in a cool spot with non-direct light for 2 weeks.  Then move to a sunny spot.  Water every day or two, as needed, avoiding the base of the bulbs.  Beautiful!


Erzulie Lip & Cheek Colorstick – Let this all natural colorstick brighten your lips and cheeks AND your outlook this winter. The radiant, youthful blush will have all your friends guessing!

We love supporting these Etsy business women — and this owner is local to us! 


Konenkii Apres Ski Recipes – Whether you’re fresh off the slopes or hunkered down at home what better way to ward off the winter chills – Food Glorious Food! 

Winter Box Reveal 3 Recipes.jpg
Konenkii Tattoos.png


Tattoos – Forget the winter blues and blahs—let these temporary tattoos be your enduring motivation. Wear them, here, there, and anywhere.

Another Etsy entrepreneur - from across the pond. Everyone needs a bit of fun inspiration — we love these little tattoo bandaids!


Konenkii Mobile Phone Credi Card Holder.png

Mobile Phone Credit Card Holder
Back by popular demand, these handy little thingies just stick to the back of your phone so you can carry a few credit cards and head out the door!

We originally included an orange one in our Summer Box.  It was so popular that we created a red one with our logo and now pop one in every box!  Your welcome.  :)