Konenkii Style

by Sarah White

What to wear, what to wear...

1. Konenkii City Stroll

Sophisticated black cropped trousers mixed with a casual denim jacket (flip up your collar!), bold-statement shoes, our bendy necklace formed into a bracelet (roll your jacket cuffs!), and light striped crew neck, with our black and white geometric scarf.

Konenkii City Stroll

2. Konenkii Grays

Let's get comfy! This easy combination of grays—the neutral-of-the-moment—works well with most everything but imagine it with silver hair? 

Konenkii Grays

3. Konenkii Workin' for the Weekend

It's Friday, and you are meeting friends after work.  This great combination of casual and work attire will get you there. A denim jacket with cropped black trousers, our gray canvas bag, punches of dark red on your low-heeled shoes and top, along with our geometric black and white scarf make the transition a snap! 

Konenkii Working for the Weekend

4. Konenkii Date Night

Whether it's dinner with your husband or theater with you new beau this combination of sophistication and casual will help you feel at ease. We love the combination of cream blazer with white long sleeved tee shirt and our white scarf (from last year's winter box). Long, dangling gold earrings with bronze metallic clutch, and kitten heel leopard print shoes complete your outfit with just a little "dazzle."

Konenkii Date Night.png

5. Konenkii Walk in the Park

Who said jeans need to be blue? Combine these soft gray jeans with an eye-popping turmeric crew neck sweater, our black and white scarf, our bendy necklace-as-a-bracelet, off-white canvas sneakers, and our sharkskin-gray canvas tote.

Konenkii Walk in the Park

6. Konenkii Outdoor Concert

Stay warm and comfortable that spur-of-the-moment outdoor concert with friends. Boyfriend jeans, well-worn boots, burgundy cross-body bag, a lightweight navy poncho, and our white pashmina from last year's Winter Box.

Konenkii Outdoor Concert

7. Konenkii Hangin' on the Sidelines

The oh-so-comfy leggings, with forgiving black and white striped top, saffron scarf, our gray canvas bag, and comfy black flat ankle boots (with a touch of bling).

Konenkii Hangin on the Sidelines

8. Konenkii Shopping with Gal Pals

This gorgeous blue swing sweater over casual white v-neck tee shirt and sleek leggings is a great base for a fun day shopping. Finish this look with our black and white scarf, black riding boots, our white silicone watch from last year's Winter Box, our bendy necklace, and a black leather backpack.

Konenkii City Shopping with Gal Pals

9. Konenkii Extending Summer

Who says you cannot wear white after Labor Day?  Put those white jeans with an oversized black collegiate sweater, black riding boots, and our bendy necklace—and how people know that rules are meant to be broken!

Konenkii Yes You Can Wear White

10. Konenkii Weekend Casual

Soft gray jeans, oversized cream sweater, our sharkskin gray canvas bag, our pink pashmina from our Breast Cancer TLC box, our bendy necklace as a bracelet, and fun gray leopard print sneakers. Everyone looks good in pink!

Konenkii Weekend Casual

11. Konenkii Walk in the Woods

Cable knit sweater, our back-and-white scarf, slouchy jeans (roll 'em up a bit!), comfy brown ankle boots, and our gray canvas bag provide an easy and uber-comfortable outfit for those chilly fall days.

What do you think of our fearless combinations???

We asked hundreds of women which outfit was there favorite...

Here's what they think:

Outdoor Concert

Walk in the Woods

City Shopping w Gal Pals
City Stroll 

Working for the Weekend
Hangin' on the Sidelines
Weekend Casual 

Date Night
Walk in the Park
Extending Summer