Reveal Warmth - Ready to Heat Things Up?

Warmth Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Konenkii Warmth
Gray Plaid Blanket Scarf.png

Tartan Thrawl

Sometimes you just need to curl up and cover up on the couch.  Sometimes you just need a little wrap for those cold shoulders.  Either way, we’ve got you covered with our soft as a sigh tartan tone-on-tone throw-shawl or as we Konenkii’s say THRAWL.

Check out a few different ways to wear your blanket shawl...

Or throw it on your couch!

Warmth Morning Mug.png

The Magic Mug

How do like this for a wake up call!  Go right ahead! Pour that hot cup of joe or spot of tea and just watch her change right before your very eyes.  Looks like someone is glowing! 

A fun thing to do with the next two items!






Warmth Tea Drops

Tea Drops

A Konenkii woman is like a tea drop.  You never know how delicious she is until she gets in a little hot water!! Add these ingenious drops to that magic mug of yours and you’ll have a no muss no fuss treat for the senses and the soul!  Citrus Ginger and Rose Earl Grey

Re-think your tea...

Hot Dark Chocolate Stick

If tea isn’t exactly your cup or you just need a fix — try this luscious lickable chocolate-on-a-stick. Part lollypop – part spoon.  This sweet treat will give that mug another work out!

Stir this dark chocolate spoon in some hot milk for a minute or two.  It will be tempting to eat melting chocolate right off the spoon—but give it time and you will get a rich cup of warm hot chocolate.

Check out Chocomize for this and other delicious chocolate products...


McCrea’s Caramels-Black Lava Sea Salt

OMG!  Is there a better caramel on planet earth?  I. Don’t. Think. So.  The richest, smoothest, creamiest, butteriest, melt-in-your-mouthiest ever!  Slow-cooked, hand-crafted and calling to you!

Check out these crazy-good caramels...




Illumia-3 Step 3 pack

We want your hair to be happy!  Turn that static-ecstatic!  Here’s a whole new way to clean, nurture, and protect your lovely locks.  This fabulous new system works with your natural biome to keep you beautiful — naturally!
Read more about this new system...

Customer Feedback

"This was my first box and I loved everything. It did contain more consumables than I was expecting (tea, hot chocolate and candies) but I'll eat them all, so it didn't really concern me. Whatever isn't a gift for me will be a gift for a friend. I loved the theme curation and the quality of the items."  —Michelle

keep them coming — Annette

Loved everything. — Wilma

I have loved all my quarterly Konenkii boxes since subscribing almost a year ago, but this most recent box is by far my favorite! I was thoroughly hooked from the moment I opened it up to see the gorgeous gray & white scarf lovingly rolled and tied in a sweet little white bow, to the adorable mug, the delicious caramels & tea drops, the wonderful hair care system, to the decadent hot chocolate on a spoon! Sarah & Jan, you always do such an amazing job at putting these boxes together, but you outdid yourselves this month!!  —Valerie