Of Sailors and Sunburns


When I was just starting my first career in Boston, my friend Jill and I decided we needed to get out of Dodge for Memorial Day weekend.  We were in search of sun and fun. So we rented a car, drove to the cape in the pouring rain and jumped on the ferry to Nantucket.  The entire trip out was cold and miserable.  But when we arrived the Island was overrun by crazy sailors kicking off the regatta season with the Figawi Races.  Hundreds and hundreds of sailors.  Oh my!  

It was a whale of a weekend.  And when we were invited to sail back to Hyannis with one of the boats we of course said yes!  It was windy and the fog was as thick as my grandmother’s accent. We nearly got lost a thousand times!  The captain and crew all slathered themselves with sunscreen and smeared zinc oxide on their lips.  

Jill and I were too cool to do any such thing.   

By the time we got back to Boston that night our faces were on fire!  We both got the worst sunburns of our lives.   This Memorial Day Weekend, rain or shine I’ll be wearing my SPF 50!