Head-to-Toe and Away We Go! The Summer Box Reveal

"Sunshine is my favorite accessory"

This is absolutely gorgeous and so soft.  —Ellen

The scarf is gorgeous- I mean absolutely gorgeous. Love the feel. —Ann 

 I love scarves, especially in the summer – this is a nice light-weight cotton/linen blend and it’s big enough to wrap around my shoulders as I go in and out of air conditioning.  Plus, joking aside, the simple cream and navy color means I can use this scarf without clashing with most of my wardrobe – another bonus.  And who doesn’t love polka dots! —Cathy

Konenkii Kit

Great to store your swimsuit at the beach instead of using a plastic bag. —Ellie

It’s just the right size for some personal items (makeup, lotion, etc.) to take to the beach or on a summer weekend, and it’s easy to store. —K

Konenkii Lark Cookies

The Chocolate Pearl ones are good but the Coconut Butter cookies are a small slice of heaven. —Mags

The cookies are amazing.  just enough to be a little splurge.  —E.

I thought I’d love the chocolate pearl more, because I’m a sucker for salted caramel, but as good as that one was, the coconut butter cookies were divine. —Karen

Gave the cookies to my husband. They disappeared immediately. —Leslie

Tillandsia Light-as-Air Plant

I honestly thought this was plastic at first but nope, it's a real house plant, and a pretty cool house plant, at that! —Dixie

This is easy enough for anyone!- Even me! —Joanne

This box, they sent a teensy plant in a seashell that requires me to mist it once a week.  I can handle that!  I look forward to seeing if I can keep this little cutie alive. —Mary

Daisy and Aloe Body Butter

I cannot describe how amazing this smells: shea butter, cocoa butter and botanical oils. So soothing. —Ellen

Ooooh.  So lovely.  This is a nice body butter/lotion, made with shea butter and botanical oils, with a fresh garden-y scent.  The butter is creamy and luxurious, while the scent is clean and not overpowering.  It made my skin feel super smooth & I look forward to using the rest of it. —Karen

I love my everything in my new Konenkii box. But  I REALLY LOVE the Body Butter. —Linda

Peppermint Tangerine Foot Mask

Such an amazing way to pamper yourself after a bath! —Eileen

It was rather decadent to sit and let my feet relax for a half hour.  I felt like I was at the spa, in my family room. Awesome! —KD

Hard Candy Nail Polish

Fun red color! —Ellen

A good quality nail polish in a gorgeous, summer-ready red.  Perfect for beach toe nails! —Karen 

I do like the color of this polish.  The red/coral color is perfect for summer! —Erin

I don't usually paint my toe nails, but plan to tonight. It's summer, after all. —L

Summer VOICE cards.png

Konenkii Voice Cards

I love the “Whatever it is” postcard, and I know just the person to send it to. —S

They always put in such neat and unexpected items. Each of these fun little postcards features a quote and already has the postage paid so they are perfect to pack up on a vacation and send out to loved ones along the way! —Maggie

The post cards are cute. I don't usually send cards like that, but now will be looking for a reason. —Donna

A fun way to keep in touch! —Jill

As a woman north of 40, I still remember good times of sending and receiving actual mail, so I am looking forward to sending these cards to my friends.  The quotes are fun and I love the bright colors too.

BONUS: Choose To Be Nice Bracelet

In the current environment of harsh accusations, these simple words can remind us to think about one another as human beings.  "Choose To Be Nice" is the anti-thesis of bullying, don't you think?

Konenkii woman and entrepreneur Dina Creiger created choosetobenice.com when a bad childhood memory mixed with a national tragedy... Read our story on Dina and her impressive path. 


Hello Subscription

I love Konenkii – I know that I will like and use everything in the box, even things I wouldn’t normally pick for myself, which is cool.  The products are perfect for women north of 40, not because the products are for smoothing out my laughlines or hiding my grey hair, but because they celebrate the fun of being a bold, mature woman.  Red nail polish!  Coconut rum cookies!  Plants I can’t kill!  I also totally love how the curators envision the theme and make it work for people like me.  A lot of summer boxes are tank tops and shell beads…which are fine…but you can tell the Konenkii creators put more thought into it when they include things like a large scarf!  I recommend Konenkii for anyone like me, who is “aging fearlessly and having fun along the way!”  For full review...

Dixie Dolls Glow

You know, at this point I have honestly lost count of how many different boxes I've had the privilege to review. I love all of them, each category bringing new wonders and delights to my mailbox. There's one category in particular that sits at the top of my list though - Lifestyle. It brings you the best of everything and one of my favorite lifestyle subscriptions has to be Konenkii box.

The thing I love most about Konenkii is how each box brings a curation of items that I never expect. Each is so unassuming at first but the more you look, the more you love them. There's variety, they're all practical and they are all completely perfect! Konenkii is just down right magical to me!
  For full review...

2 Little Rosebuds


I always look forward to opening up each season’s Konenkii box. It’s always fun to see the assortment of great items they choose for each quarter. They include so many practical, yet pampering products that women of just about any age would appreciate. Definitely a great “treat yo’self” box!

Another fun selection of items from Konenkii!  My favorites this time around were the pretty polka-dot scarf, body butter, nail polish, and of course the sweet little air plant. For full review...



Home Spun Chics

The Konenkii box is such a fun lifestyle subscription box and it has become one of my favorites! “Age fearlessly. Have fun. Be bold.” is my motto, too! These ladies have head-to-toe covered with class and it is such a treat to explore the goodies they send.

The Summer 2016 Konenkii box was so fun to review and I loved everything it contained! The items were well varied and they all fit the summer theme of the box. This would be a really great box to send as a birthday gift – and it’s not too early to be thinking about your favorite winter holidays, either. What did you think of the Summer 2016 Konenkii box? FULL REVIEW...


Mornings with Madge

konenkii mornings with madge

I’m still digging out of boxes here, but I have one box I’m excited to open and share with all of you. The lovely ladies of Konenkii recently sent me their Summer Box 2016. It’s chock full of all sorts of fabulousness for women of a certain age! Let’s get started with a Konenkii Summer Box Review, shall we?

With a theme of “Head to toe-and away we go”, this summer subscription box does not disappoint.  As always it’s packed in a sturdy cardboard box emblazoned with the Konkenii logo. Inside is a message from Jan Craig Singer and Sarah White, the founders...For full review...


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