May the Fourth Be with You

by Sarah White

I love Fourth of July weekend. I have wonderful memories of the years I spent with my family during our lake vacation in Maine. Having moved out of Maine decades ago, I am still a frequent visitor but always took a week or two over the Fourth for an extended stay.

This year is different. For a few reasons. 


On Sunday, the 3rd, I am missing a family gathering as we are taking my 11-year-old to sleep-away camp for the first time. I loved going to sleep-away camp when I was a little girl and hope that he will love it as much. That being said, saying goodbye will probably be harder on me than him.

I am also a great-aunt for the first time. On Monday, the 4th, I will be heading to Maine to meeting my beautiful new grand-niece! But, wait, how can I be a great-anything?

My daughter — the newly minted college graduate — is waiting to hear back about a possible job offer in D.C. I will be thinking about this one all weekend. How did that happen so quickly?


So, to follow our own Konenkii mantra, this coming weekend I will have fun watching my son journey into two weeks away, boldly embrace the Great Aunt title on Monday, and I will help my daughter fearlessly move into real adult life.

Hmmm… I wonder what Jan is doing this weekend?