Summer of ’68 Confessions: Cybill Shepherd Shared My Bikini

It’s true.  Okay technically it was a two-piece.  But it was made of a white canvas like fabric with a little red trim on the bra and the sailor style skirt.  She definitely looked better in it than I did.  But she was the reason I had to have it. It was the summer of ‘68 and I was still in junior high.  School was out and I hadn’t gotten my new “swimsuit” for the season yet.

Cybill Shepard Seventeen

And then it happened like a bolt from beyond.  My new SEVENTEEN magazine arrived in the mail.  As I tore through the issue  - there it was!  In all it’s full figured glory on the body of the top teen model of the day.

Of course she was everything I was not.  Tall. Blonde. Shapely.  And an actual teen!
I was only twelve with braces and pimples on my chin and had already reached my full height of 5’2”.  A Cover Girl I was not.

But I had saved my money and my mom took me to the shopping center to get it.  I was thrilled beyond thrilled to be twins in that cute little white sailor bikini with Cybill.  I felt like I knew her and she knew me.  And for one brief and shining moment we were as one!

And then wouldn’t you know it  - the first time I wore it to the beach I wasn’t alone.  Seems like every pre-pubescent on the East Coast had the same idea from the same SEVENTEEN.  But I didn’t care.  I wore that bathing suit all summer long any time I had a chance.  And every time I put it on I knew that Cybill knew too.