by Sarah White


Not that Rio, but this Rio:

Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand
Just like that river twisting through a dusty land
And when she shines she really shows you all she can
Oh Rio, Rio dance across the Rio Grande

It's Duran Duran Appreciation Day!

Even though we (north-of-40) are a certain demographic, we still come from different generations. Music defines generations.

I have friends who spent their teens listening to New Kids on the Block, McHammer, and Marky Mark and Funky Bunch (a.k.a. Mark Walberg).  

I also have friends who listened to Cream, the Stones, Joni Mitchell, and Dylan

And there's still a wide range in between.  

I am a baby baby-boomer. Born in "Late December, back in '63...". On the edge of GenX and Boomer.  

I hate to be labeled so that works for me.

My high school years in rural Maine were filled with Journey, Foreigner, AC/DC. and Pat Benatar (My music-connoisseur-husband shudders).

College and young adulthood I listened to The Cure, Depeche Mode, U2, and Ace of Base.

This all reminds me that the music we listened to when we were young is generally the music that makes us smile the most.

So, whether it's Can't Touch This, Don't Stop Believin', or Like a Rolling Stone,—put in on, turn it up, and have fun!!


So what was the music that moved you when you were younger? We'd love to hear! High School graduation date and a song? Favorite group?

Duran Duran - mid 1980s

Duran Duran - mid 1980s