No Excuses...

by Sarah White



I was a slacker last week. 

This is my first week back from an annual two-week vacation with my family on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

I feel very fortunate to have those two weeks together. The second week of vacation brings a "settling down" for me.

Whether it was the euphoria of week 2 or Jan not reminding me, no emails went out. This was the bare minimum that had to be done, and I did not do it.

No excuses, I am just admitting my blunder.

A few things.
- No one is perfect, and certainly not me.
- No small children will die over this.
- If possible, take two weeks of vacation together. It's really awesome.

Is all forgiven?


      You bet!!    Aging Fearlessly!

      You bet!!    Aging Fearlessly!

How about you?  
Is there anything you feel a tad guilty about that you'd like to share?  
It can be a cathartic release...