Feats Don't Fail Me Now!

by Jan Singer

It was 7:30 on a recent school night when my husband and I did something uncharacteristic, to say the least! 

Our daughter casually mentioned that her friend’s mom was going to see one of our favorite bands. Little Feat!  

In Boston? We asked. Wait! What? How did we miss that? We usually have a pretty good handle on who is on tour in our neck of the woods.

Faster than a texting millennial, my husband hunted down a pair of tickets and we were whisked away to the Wilbur in an Uber. Ha! Who’s the millennial now! 

We arrived just in time to grab a drink, find our seats, and get ready to rock. 

Thirty minutes from whim to reality. That’s what I call a record! BOOM!

Was it the best Little Feat concert ever?  Nah! That happened in DC at the newly renovated Warner Theatre 27 years ago when we were still dating.

Was it great to know we’re still Willin to change plans at a moment’s notice?  You bet!

So don't be a Dixie Chicken! Put on your Sailin’ Shoes!  And show 'em how to do the Old Folks Boogey!

Have you been to a good concert lately?  Tell us about it!  What types of memories come forth for you?